Nourishing Women at Every Turn: Personalised Nutrition for Every Life Stage

My story

As a nutritionist and postpartum doula, I approach my work as I do life, with honesty and an open heart. The informative yet easy-to-follow plans I create cater to each individual and their unique needs.

How the body works and its requirements for optimal function has fascinated me from a young age, but it wasn’t until my own body began struggling that I discovered this interest could become a career.

After working with a naturopath to address low energy and a lack of mental clarity, I discovered my body wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed. The process of identifying the cause, not just addressing symptoms, and creating small habits to achieve life-changing results had me hooked.

This ignited a spark, and I began studying nutrition. 

But my healing journey wasn’t over. Working full-time, studying, and trying to maintain a social life left me burnt out and suffering from chronic fatigue. Life became hard, really hard. Everyday tasks seemed too much of an effort and I struggled to feel any joy. Still, in my mimid-20s, I knew life wasn’t meant to be like this.

I learned more about iron deficiency and poor gut health and was determined to decipher my body's nutritional needs.

I understood the importance of rest and finding balance.

Wanting to have it all at once is so normal, but sadly, it comes at a cost. Often, this cost is your general well-being. If you don’t stop and incorporate regular breaks, your body will choose the time to break down, which tends to be the most inconvenient time.

Why become a birth and a postpartum doula?

After spending years working with women and new mothers to address their nutritional needs, I finally understood them so much more after recently giving birth to my first child.

So many mothers had told me of their disappointment and, at times, frustration at feeling robbed of quality time with their babies due to a lack of support, physically, emotionally, and practically.

During my pregnancy, I consumed postnatal books, studied the physiological changes during the fourth trimester and became aware of doulas and the term matrescence. Why had it taken so long for me to hear these terms, let alone understand what they meant?

Mothers go through a transformative process after birth, yet birth often signifies the end of care.

No wonder many new mums feel isolated and alone after bringing their babies home.

I realised I needed to incorporate doula services into my business so I could not only help new mothers feel nourished physically but help them learn and understand the entirety of their post-birth needs.

So many mothers forgo blood tests or following up referrals due to lack of time, feeling dismissed, or only focussing on their baby’s needs and not their own. It’s not good enough for women to be told the way they feel is “just part of being a mother”. We deserve better.

My philosophy and passion are simple: Feeling good mentally and physically shouldn’t be hard-earned or considered a luxury.

By understanding what your body needs and supplying it with nutrients, nourishment and care, you can feel energised and get more out of your days.

Why work with me?

I work with your personal needs. Everyone has a starting point when it comes to health. Whether your kitchen seems a foreign place, or you just don’t have the time, you’re a single female working to advance your career or a mother with work commitment; I will create a plan to suit you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

You deserve the right to feel good and enjoy life, not just survive your days.

What people say

“We had the opportunity to bring Serena into a Leadership Workshop, where she presented to our senior Directors.  At the end of a long day, Serena was a breath of fresh air.  Her practical and holistic approach resonated with every individual in the room as she demonstrated the value of investing in your health. 

Not just educating on diet and nutrition, Serena empowered everyone to make small changes to generate big shifts in wellbeing. I would highly recommend Serena to individuals looking to improve their health and vitality - or to any organisation that wants to bring a personal focus in their L&D programs and improve productivity”. 

Chelle Brown, Domain Group  

"My experience with Serena has been a holistic and enriching journey to health. I had a safe space to discuss the many facets which influence my well-being.

Together, we were able to explore a flexible approach that was adaptable and manageable.

The plan which Serena developed for me was beautifully designed. The photos helped inspire new ideas and eating became fun again rather than just a task I must do. Thank you for supporting me to love and feed my body and soul"


"Serena is clearly passionate about what she does. She is knowledgeable and full of information that you may not have even considered. So much appreciation for her time and effort. Can't recommend her enough"


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