Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad

By mardilowe1990 | 15/03/2022

Sweet potato salad is an easy and convenient salad to create whether it’s post work out, lazy Monday lunch or a side dish it’s delish. I created this with leftover sweet potato so you could use any vegetable, broccoli, zucchini or asparagus. ~

Spaghetti bolognese

Vegetable loaded spaghetti bolognese

By mardilowe1990 | 15/03/2022

This recipe for spaghetti bolognese is excellent for the fussy eaters who don’t like to eat their greens. The recipe is also convenient for the person who doesn’t want to be spending hours cooking the vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. The vegetables I list are just a few examples of what you can use. Please feel […]


By Serena Schembri | 01/11/2019

What is your relationship with food? Eating is a necessity; it’s part of our survival. We eat at least three meals a day, which equates to 21 meals per week. For some people, zero thought or preparation goes into their food, meaning no thought goes into the micronutrients that are needed for their health. Being […]

The pressure to perform – why taking a break is good for the soul

By Serena Schembri | 23/04/2018

The pressure to perform – why taking a break is good for the soul I feel the pressure to perform as much as the next person, but learning compassion and being comfortable with taking a break takes practice. Feeling pressure is an individual topic, and what I feel could be completely irrelevant to the next. […]

Busy and burnt out?

By Serena Schembri | 16/04/2018

Are you busy and burnt out? Are you wearing your “busyness” as a badge of honour?

For many people, being “busy” has become synonymous with being important or hard working. We feel valued if we can tell people just how “busy” we are.


By Serena Schembri | 16/04/2018

Tips on how to overcome everyday obstacles Do you sometimes think how do I deal with another obstacle in my day? Life is what we live every day – every experience, every moment, and every challenge. While we can’t choose what gets thrown at us, we can choose how we react and recover from difficult […]

Over-indulged on the long weekend?

By Serena Schembri | 03/04/2018

Once it ends, we can be left with a feeling of regret and guilt for over-indulging. Well, let me stop you right there!

Long weekends don’t have to come with those negative emotions, so don’t tell yourself you shouldn’t haven’t eaten all that food. Negative talk, shaming and making yourself feel bad won’t change anything, and will only hinder you from getting back on track to good habits.

tired working mother at home with playing kids


By Serena Schembri | 05/03/2018

Overwhelmed with to-do lists? Are you overwhelmed with to-do lists? Are you trying to do everything in an unrealistic time frame? Looking after yourself and your loved ones, plus working, on top of exercising, eating well and socialising, all while trying to be mindful and get ahead in life, is easier said than done – […]


By Serena Schembri | 26/02/2018

Do you make the wrong food choices when on the go? Find out about some achievable ways of how you can make better food choices in a busy…..

photo of a man using smartphone

Six reasons to get off your phone and stop mindlessly scrolling

By Serena Schembri | 19/02/2018

Feeling slightly addicted to your phone? Embarrassed by your weekly screen-time stats? It might be time to look up from your Instagram feed and get back in touch with reality.