Green Fritta

Initial consult $150

Book in a Telehealth consultation from the comfort of your own home. In person consults are in Balmain. Initial consults are 1 hour in length. We work together on a plan that best suits your lifestyle to overcome your health concerns. If further investigation is needed, pathology or functional testing is arranged.

Follow up consult $80

Follow up appointments are 30 minutes and are booked between 2 and 4 weeks to review test results, assess progress, refine treatment plans and address any further issues

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Preparing for a baby naturally or with IVF mother and father should both prepare the foundation that is needed to conceive a healthy baby.

Through thorough case taking of lifestyle and diet we can investigate and look into nutritional deficiencies, stress, weight and possible risk factors that could be hindering conceiving.

Package includes initial consult with the couple who plan to conceive and two follow ups.A tailored made diet and lifestyle plan is created.

Cost of supplement, pathology and functional testing is not included.

Acute consult $40

Acute consult is a convenient quick consult that is 15 minutes long to go through pathology results or to revise a prescription.