How to make healthier food choices when on the go.

Do you find yourself choosing the wrong food when you're on the go? The kind of food you say to yourself "why did I do that when I know I never feel good after."

We all get stuck at times and don't think as we are either in a rush or get lazy. I have learnt many times in my travels and that is why you will 99% of the time you will find food in my handbag.

I love going out for a meal. There’s something truly joyful about discovering new places, making memories and of course, trying new foods. When I’m holidaying, I often see a lot of delicious, indulgent food - and a high percentage of highly-processed fast food.

Yes, of course, I entertain my taste buds. There is no way I’m going to fly for hours just to eat the same salad I’d put together at home.

While I don't deprive myself of anything, I do make the choice to avoid foods (as much as possible!) that are likely to make me feel tired, bloated, or sluggish.

When you're travelling or on-the-go, it can often be hard to find good, nutritious food - this is when we tend to reach for something cheap and convenient.

Food-related panic decision-making happens most days for busy people, especially as we tend to skip lunch breaks or avoid making time to prepare a nutrient-dense meal.

When it comes to food, keep the thought process and decision making simple:

  • Plan meals (or at least break times!) so you have food at hand and aren’t reaching for something fast and convenient.
  • Don't eat on the run – take the time to sit down and enjoy every meal
  • Schedule in the essentials – when you’re busy, meal prep and taking the time to eat well falls to the wayside. That’s why it’s important to factor in time to prepare good, nutritious meals – put aside an hour or two on a Sunday to prepare all your food for the week. Your future self will thank you!
  • Be happy with the food you eat and the choices you make - living with regret and beating yourself just takes the fun out of eating. If you order pizza, enjoy that pizza! Just don't get into the habit of eating it every day.

When you think you haven't got time to stop and refuel on nutritious food, remind yourself, you have two choices:

  1. Find a way
  2. Find an excuse

Making time to eat well and prepare meals may seem “all too much”, but once you build it into your daily routine, it becomes easier – and your body will thank you.