What is your relationship with food

Consuming food is an essential part of our daily existence as it is necessary for our survival. Typically, we consume a minimum of three meals each day, which adds up to 21 meals each week. For some individuals, they eat without giving it much thought or preparation, leading to a lack of consideration for the essential micronutrients required for their overall health. Being mindful of the food you consume can lead to better decision-making and, in turn, better overall performance.

Selecting and consuming nutritious food does not have to feel like a tiresome obligation. When you choose to eat healthy, nourishing food, remember the benefits and why you opt for half a plate of vegetables instead of half a pizza each night. Your body responds to what you feed it, so make it a point to choose foods that provide the necessary nutrients you require.

Something to consider.

If you constantly feel tired and experience specific food cravings, it could indicate that you are not consuming enough or eating the right things your body requires. It is best to eat when you are hungry rather than waiting until you are famished. Doing so will help prevent you from making poor choices.

It's important not to deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy.

Personally, I love trying new foods and dining out with individuals who share my love for good food. Eating should be a delightful experience and shared with others. For instance, I adore dumplings, but I don't indulge in them regularly because they aren't part of my daily dietary regimen. When I do consume foods that I enjoy but have low nutritional value, I start my meal with a salad or vegetables to fill up on nutritious food first.

Try not to be too hard on yourself after indulging in a meal that satisfies your cravings.

Remember eating well is about progress not perfection. What even is perfection, anyway? The more you strive for it, the more challenging it becomes to maintain. Once you have finished your relaxed meal, return to consuming foods that fuel your body and make you feel good. Refrain from the mentality that the "day is ruined," leading to more unhealthy eating. This mindset will only lead to a food hangover and make you feel worse the next day.

If you feel uncertain about your eating habits and require guidance, it is best to consult your general healthcare practitioner.

Choose to eat the food the way Mother Nature intended it to be eaten most of the time - your body will thank you for it.