Overwhelmed with to-do lists?

Are you overwhelmed with to-do lists? Are you trying to do everything in an unrealistic time frame?

Looking after yourself and your loved ones, plus working, on top of exercising, eating well and socialising, all while trying to be mindful and get ahead in life, is easier said than done – I'm exhausted just from writing that! We all want to live a more fulfilled, balanced life, right? The thing is true "balance" doesn't exist. The reason? Each week, each day, each weekend is never the same, so trying to maintain a "balance" is next to impossible.

While we're incapable of controlling everything that happens in our day, we can control how we react. Similarly, forcing ourselves to try and achieve everything all at once can feel overwhelming and takes the enjoyment out of living every day.

Here are a few things to help you feel more fulfilled this week:

  1. Writing and maintaining an extensive "to-do" list is overwhelming – it often feels like you're setting yourself up to fail. Instead, try setting smaller realistic/achievable goals. This way, you avoid the pressure of huge tasks, and you're more likely to start ticking things off and feeling accomplished.
  2. Set some non-negotiables - respect yourself and your health goals and value "your time". Whether staying home more or eating less, take out, try putting a non-negotiable each week and see how it sits with you. (NB mine is getting into bed at the same time every night to ensure I get enough sleep).
  3. Find something that helps you de-stress – and do it! If it makes you feel better, schedule time in your diary to do it, whether it's reading, practising yoga, or simply sitting still.
  4. Make small changes to your eating/cooking habits. Try baking instead of frying, making your lunch instead of buying it, having lunch instead of skipping it, eating a bowl of mixed vegetables instead of a handful of beans – one little positive change can make a difference.
  5. Aim to minimise foods you're likely to over-indulge in. For example, if you eat a bag of chips every night, aim to cut down to only eating them twice a week. Think about why this habit occurs and prevent it. You might be hungry because you didn't have lunch, or you've been training hard and not eating enough. Look at why these patterns are occurring and change them.

By making small changes each week, you’re more likely to see results and stick to them.