feeling good and being healthy is an inside job.

"When you know better, you do and feel better."

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Serena has worked in the health industry for over 15 years and has vast experience, in the health, food, wellness, supplementation, and product development industries.

With Serena’s passion for food that not only looks good but tastes great, and coupled with her professional experience her recommendations are suited for all environments including; home & family, social settings and corporate life.

Wanting to have it all and all at once is a common desire. Today's lifestyle is full steam ahead and this sometimes, unfortunately, comes at the cost of our physical and mental health.  Serena knows first-hand through her personal experience what it is like to feel burnt out and exhausted in the chase for success. Through her studies and research, she has formed a deep understanding of how to manage and maintain this type of lifestyle.


Busy and burnt out?

Stress is unsustainable and will always show in your body and mind. Prioritising your health is not something somebody else can do for you.

Serena shares her passion and love for food and demonstrates how a healthy, nutritious diet can improve your everyday life. With her knowledge and a side of intuition, she looks at your overall life and provides the tools to help you do things differently to achieve your health goals.

There’s a lot of noise about health and wellbeing making it hard to know where to tune-in. Serena’s method and preferred way of working with people is to educate and empower them, for long-term results and not short-term gain, like some fad diets.

Results come from understanding how the food you eat can help or harm your body. Once you have a better understanding of nutrition, you will be empowered to act as your own advocate. Serena looks at how habits and small lifestyle shifts can shape your health. It’s about life-driven nutrition, minus the fluff. Serena’s consultations offer insightful food advice, to get the most out of life.

The way Serena operates is to keep it real and practical with achievable, life-compatible advice that is unique to you and your story. Eating right doesn’t have to be boring and bland. With a plan that is aligned with your lifestyle, it will be fun and energising.

Serena also presents in group and corporate environments, to educate, motivate, and offer a unique perspective on “well being". Her audiences walk away with simple tools that enable them to make small changes resulting in big differences, creating a health-conscious crowd. 

Nutritional consults involve thorough case taking, pathology and functional testing to find the root cause of your health concern. During a consult you are provided satisfying recipes, personalised advice, and digestible information. Serena works with you to devise a plan that is realistic to adhere to.

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