Initial consult

1-hour consult.

Case taking and dietary analysis. Individual plan and prescription. A pathology referral is given if needed.



Follow up

30 minutes

Revised meal plan, check-in with progress, script refill. Pathology referral if needed.



Couples preconception consult

1.5-hour consult.

In order for a baby to have the best start both mum and day should be involved in preconception care.



Couples preconconption follow up

1-hour consult.

Both mum and dad's diet, pathology results assessed. Updated unique meal plan and presciption given.



Discovery call

Find out more about working with a nutritionist with a complimentary phone call.

7-day meal plan

20-minute consult.

Case taken, current health status discussed and health goals taken into consideration.



Corporate wellness packages

Tailor-made packages are created dependent on the size of the group and the length of time the program will run for.


Recipe and menu development

Packages are based on the length of time involved in the work needed.

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