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Online Nutrition Consultation


60 minutes via Zoom

The Initial consultation involves gaining a thorough understanding of your health, lifestyle, family history and health concerns. We will then compose a plan that suits your lifestyle and finances. This along with a recommended diet and supplement plan will be emailed to you after the initial consultation.

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30 minutes via Zoom

A follow-up is normally scheduled 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation to review results of pathology or diagnostic results. We also discuss your progress and make adjustments to your plan where necessary.

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20 minutes via Zoom

A quick session for current clients needing new scripts, referrals or pathology results.


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If you are planning on conceiving a baby now is the time to start improving your health and well-being to create a solid foundation for a healthy baby and pregnancy. It is never too early or late to look into ways to optimise your health.

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Follow-up is scheduled 4 weeks after the first appointment to review results, cycle, diet and lifestyle changes. We also discuss progress and make adjustments to your plan where necessary.


Care for the mother needs to continue once the baby arrives. It is crucial that there is a plan in place to ensure the mother is being nurtured, nourished and supported.

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Feel empowered with having a plan in place at the birth of your baby. Not all births will go to plan but having a clear understanding of your options and preferences will ensure you are in control of the decisions being made.


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18 hours of in-home support so you can bond with your baby, rest, and be nourished and cared for. Nutritional advice and guides are included.

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6 hours of in-home support to assist you in settling in and provide some much-needed rest and care.

Additional hours can be purchased as needed.


The package is the ultimate guide for the new mother to be supported and guided through the first year of being a new mum.