Six reasons to get off your phone and stop mindlessly scrolling

Feeling slightly addicted to your phone? Embarrassed by your weekly screen-time stats? It might be time to look up from your Instagram feed and get back in touch with reality.

Here are six quick reasons why everyone should take a break from their phone and re-connect offline.

  1. Taking time away from your device allows you to appreciate the journey, not just the destination, and be truly present in every moment.
  2. If you’re looking around (instead of down!) you’ll get to take in your surroundings – the smells, sights and sounds; the full sensory experience. We often don't realise how sensory-dulling all that mindless scrolling can be.
  3. You’ll be able to make real-world contact – simply smiling at people is empowering and boosts confidence. Plus, you never know whose day you might make!
  4. Hello, surroundings! Stepping offline gives you the space to notice new things - a new store, cafe, or park bench to sit on; all potential new experiences to be enjoyed.
  5. Allowing your mind to be completely free (not filled with social junk!) makes space for creativity and helps digest emotions.
  6. Putting down your device helps you appear more engaged and connected with the world – and more likely to drum up a conversation with a stranger – and potentially a new friendship.