Overwhelmed, snappy, tired during the day and wired at night?

Motherhood looks different in the modern world.

The mental load has gotten heavier than ever for the modern mother. Mothers today might have a job, own a business, or study in addition to being the default parent. There is a constant need to succeed in all areas of life.

Unfortunately, this 'need to succeed' comes at a cost to a mother's health.

The modern-day mother is at an increased risk of developing illnesses, such as iron deficiency, anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism, constipation, weight gain, and insomnia, to name a few.

Her days are filled with endless to-do lists. She is tired and depleted, but society tells her that this is just part of being a mother.

Health concerns and conditions go unnoticed.

The mothers of today deserve more because we know that when a mother is nurtured and well, she is able to take better care of her family.

How do a mother's needs get forgotten?

It starts with the birth of your child.

It is rare for all of a mother's needs to be met. The village never arrives, and the only appointment a mother should attend is her six-week check-up after having her baby.

Breastfeeding and returning to work can take a toll on a mother's health. Iron deficiency and hormonal changes go unnoticed, as being tired has become the new 'norm'.

Postnatal depletion can show up years later.

Modern-day mothers need support and reminders not to run themselves ragged until they have nothing less to give.

‘Fix the root cause of the symptoms’

Mental and physical health can decline slowly over time. The damage can take months or even years to show up.

The journey back to wellness is a long one.

Serena has been a nutritionist for ten years and has worked within the health and nutrition space for over 15 years. She has seen women suffer from ongoing health issues and have no answers.

Since becoming a mother herself, Serena has experienced how little support new mothers receive when taking care of themselves and their babies.

Serena understands the need for success and looking after your family. The ability to thrive in both work and home needs to come from realistic goal setting. Health and nutrition need to be top of the list.

Regain your health, happiness, energy and smile by learning how to take care of the most important person in your life: yourself.

Reconnect and learn to prioritise your health and wellbeing needs by booking a consultation with Serena.

It starts with how you feel

When you eat well and are able to nourish your body you have noticeable changes in mood, energy and how you proform.

Let's work together

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