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  • Post last modified:30/09/2021

The pressure to perform – why taking a break is good for the soul


I feel the pressure to perform as much as the next person, but learning compassion and being comfortable with taking a break takes practice. Feeling pressure is an individual topic, and what I feel could be completely irrelevant to the next.

So, sometimes I go a little longer than I’d like between blog or social media posts – and it doesn’t phase me one bit.

Some may be horrified by this: “you’re trying to grow a business and promote yourself; shouldn’t you be doing this every day?” Yep, I get it. Initially, I did feel a little guilty, especially because I’m told by so many people in seminars, webinars, and articles that consistency and persistence are vital for growth. Yes, it is, but what about pressure, performance anxiety and feeling overwhelmed? How do we balance the drive to grow v the sense of being completely overwhelmed with the “to-do” list?

Well, for me, I let life get in the way a little bit. I took a professional step back, took a few overseas trips, met some *heart-bursting* humans and invested a lot of time into writing and taking loads of photos. I did what felt right at the time.

What you see on the highlight reel of my Insta story is dozens of pics of me enjoying the sun, beach, food and cooking. What you don't see is the work behind the laptop (because that's boring!) or the countless hours I spend reading and researching. Sometimes, it feels so much easier to create content for fun, but when it’s part of my business, it’s not as easy to be consistent - it becomes more of a chore than a joy. This is why it's important to not compare to people's highlight reel on social media, as you don't know what is happening behind the scenes.

So, I took a little break from social media and blog posting and just gave myself a mental holiday. Relieving the pressure of my massive social media “to do” list and letting go of feeling the need to post has been a nice mental break. I’d highly recommend a social media detox and a small mental holiday for everyone!

When you are able to step back and be, without being so entrenched, you are able to create space that allows creativity and can also bring back the fun to whatever it is you were doing.