Tips on how to overcome everyday obstacles


Do you sometimes think how do I deal with another obstacle in my day?

Life is what we live every day – every experience, every moment, and every challenge. While we can't choose what gets thrown at us, we can choose how we react and recover from difficult situations.

When life sends us an obstacle to overcome - or sometimes just gives us a big ol’ slap in the face, it's up to us how we bounce-back. Sure, it can be hard, but learning to take the necessary steps to not only get over challenges but come back wiser and stronger, can be life-changing and help us evolve and learn from negative experiences. 

When faced with undesirable situations try to avoid suppressing your emotions – talking and digesting life’s challenges is a good way to get rid of feelings. By shutting down and not working through stuff, you’re almost guaranteeing your emotions will come up a later date or an unexpected time. Sometimes, simply talking to your friends or colleagues is not enough. If you find yourself replaying the event in your head (long after the experience), there is nothing wrong with seeking professional advice. In fact, we all benefit from speaking to someone. 

“Resting and digesting” isn't just for the physical state - it’s great for your mental state too. Incorporating time to decompress into your every-day life may help you move on quicker, as you address things that are bothering you straight away. You may notice how much better you feel once you deal with the smaller issues straight away - regardless of how tiny they may seem.

If you notice you start the day feeling wired, try breaking down your schedule and practising relaxation; it might help you to feel recharged, focused and energised. 

If you leave the office feeling angry or anxious, try doing an activity before you get home, like walking or meditating. You never know, it might just help you feel calmer and less frazzled by the time you hit your front door.

If you go to bed and find the day keeps playing on your mind and you can't sleep, then complete a “mind dump”. Write everything down that's on your mind without stopping or caring about spelling or grammar. Get everything out of your head and onto paper – this will help remove negativity, create space for better thoughts, and give you a clear conscious, ready to sleep, recover and recharge.