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What is your relationship with food?

Eating is a necessity; it’s part of our survival. We eat at least three meals a day, which equates to 21 meals per week. For some people, zero thought or preparation goes into their food, meaning no thought goes into the micronutrients that are needed for their health. Being mindful of what food you consume will help you make better choices, resulting in better overall performance.


Be mindful when choosing and consuming food

Eating healthy, nutritious food doesn’t have to be a chore. When eating nutritious food, remind yourself of the benefits and the reason why you eat half a plate of vegetables every night, instead of half a pizza. You only get out what you put in. We make a choice whenever we eat a meal - and we can choose the food that gives us the nutrients we need.

Something to think about

If you’re constantly feeling tired, and crave certain foods at particular times, you might not be eating enough or consuming what your body needs. Make sure you eat when you’re hungry, not starving. By doing this, it will help prevent you from making the wrong decision.

Don’t deprive yourself

I like to go out and try new foods, eat at different places, and I enjoy meals with people that love food as much as me. Eating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and should be shared. For example, I love dumplings so I don’t deprive myself of them. But, I also don’t eat them every day as dumplings are every once in a while food and not part of my staple diet. When I do go out to consume foods that I enjoy and have low nutritional value I start my meal with a salad or vegetables as it helps to fill me up on good, nutritious food.

Try and not to beat yourself up after enjoying a meal that has entertained your tastebuds and satisfied your cravings. If you’re eating well most of the time, it’s perfectly fine not to be perfect. And what is perfect anyway?

The more you try to be perfect, the harder it will be. Once you’ve consumed that relaxed meal, get back onto the food that fuels your body and makes you feel good. Avoid the mentality that the “day is ruined” so you might as well eat more junk; doing this will only cause a food hangover and you’ll feel worse for it the next day.

If you feel unsure about your eating habits and want to speak to someone it is best to consult your general health practitioner.

Choose to eat the food the way Mother Nature intended it to be eaten most of the time - your body will thank you for it.