Tired of feeling tired?

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Tired when you should feel energised?

Wired when you should be tired at night time?

You could be running on empty and not even realise.

Serena has over 15 years experience working in the health industry. She has helped and witnessed people improve all areas of their life by making changes in their diet and lifestyle.

With vast experience in health, food, wellness, supplementation, and product development, Serena approaches nutrition with realistic actionable steps to help you reach your healths potential.

Nutrition consults consist of


Nutritional consults, whether they are face to face or virtual, are confidential. We have an open conversation about your health concerns, diet and lifestyle goals.
It doesn't matter if you are a superstar in the kitchen or don't know the difference between a grater or strainer, we can work together on a plan that best suits you.


With my experience, I have learnt that everyone has a different starting point when it comes to health. Looking after you can fall to the bottom of your priority list when you are busy working and looking after family members.
During an initial consult, I get to know you, your lifestyle and form an understanding of how we can work together, rather than me giving you instructions that don’t fit into your life. Small changes will need to be made, but they will be realistic and within reach.


There is a lot of information out there to confuse and overwhelm you. When it comes to making decisions with your health. There is no prescription that fits all. Improving your health shouldn’t be scary or stressful. I truly believe that looking after you is an inside job and this includes the way you think and feel about food.

What people say

“We had the opportunity to bring Serena into a Leadership Workshop, where she presented to our senior Directors.  At the end of a long day, Serena was a breath of fresh air.  Her practical and holistic approach resonated with every individual in the room as she demonstrated the value of investing in your health. 

Not just educating on diet and nutrition, Serena empowered everyone to make small changes to generate big shifts in wellbeing. I would highly recommend Serena to individuals looking to improve their health and vitality - or to any organisation that wants to bring a personal focus in their L&D programs and improve productivity”. 

Chelle Brown, Domain Group  

"My experience with Serena has been a holistic and enriching journey to health. I had a safe space to discuss the many facets which influence my well-being.

Together, we were able to explore a flexible approach that was adaptable and manageable.

The plan which Serena developed for me was beautifully designed. The photos helped inspire new ideas and eating became fun again rather than just a task I must do. Thank you for supporting me to love and feed my body and soul"


"Serena is clearly passionate about what she does. She is knowledgeable and full of information that you may not have even considered. So much appreciation for her time and effort. Can't recommend her enough"


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